The Energeyes Association Board of Directors bestows the President’s Council Award to select optometrists as a way of recognizing and honoring their outstanding contributions to the industry.  


2015 - President’s Council Award

Dr. Ernest Bowling



"Today's President’s Council Award is about courage. I have the awesome privilege of recognizing a person who has demonstrated courage in a much bigger way.  When I think about this individual, I like to use the expression, "He walks the talk". A courageous individual is someone acting in accord with their conscience, risking their career or even their life by pursuing a larger vision in opposition to popular opinion or pressure from others." - Dr. Mark Uhler, Energeyes Past President 2014-2016



2014 - President’s Council Award

Dr. Larry Alexander



"Dr. Alexander exemplifies the values of Energeyes because he is about one thing – the drive to provide the best eye care possible for our patients.  Dr. Alexander is about community.  He’s all about education.  He’s is about learning from each other."  - Dr. Mark Uhler, Energeyes Past President 2014-2016